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As the New England seasons change, so do our sauces. We use organic, all-natural ingredients, along with farm fresh produce, that is grown by local farms right here in South Eastern Massachusetts, for all of our NJS sauces.

Signature Sauces

Organic Ketchup
Pure Honey
Organic Red Bell Pepper
Organic Maple Syrup
Fresh Chili Pepper
Organic Sriracha
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
Organic Lemon Juice
Pink Himalayan Salt
Olive Oil
Organic Spices
Our Signature BBQ sauce Saweet Heat, is loaded with fresh, all natural flavors. Both vivacious & versatile, the balance between saweet and heat is No Joke! We get hungry just thinking about it!
We could no longer keep this wicked secret. This is the Honey Mustard to end all others (our opinion only). Just the right bite, to cover anything you make, day or night!

Summer Sauces

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A whole lotta Blueberry, with just the right bit of bite on the end!
Get healthier while eating BBQ sauce? You heard it here... Although we can't allow you to get too healthy, so we added smooth delicious Maple Stout. This stuff is crazy good!!
We literally don't have enough words to describe this Spring favorite. Complete flavor overload!! The one that got this all started! Pairs great with, fish, chicken, pork, beef, pizza and veggies.