Welcome to Our New Website

Welcome to the new revamped No Joke Smoke BBQ website and my first NJS blog entry. I'm Sharon, one half of the NJS team (the better half if you ask me), I'm also the CEI-Chief Executive Imagineer and the do it cause it needs to get done and there's no one else gal! My husband Ryan ( Chief Sauce Imagineer) Chef and do it cause it needs to get done and there's no one else guy, started NJS in 2015. After having lots of fruits and veggies left over from our weekly CSA ( Community Supported Agriculture ) pick up we thought what can we do with them?? That and our love of BBQ we instantly thought sauce!!!! We had the amazing opportunity to travel to over 18 states during our 30 day Honeymoon road trip and during that time realized that New England didn't have any good BBQ or for that matter what would New England BBQ taste like. When we started to play around with the fruits and veggies and make sauce we realized that what we had to use was totally season dependent. Hmmmm New England seasonal BBQ. We may be onto something. And so it began.. to showcase our New England seasonal sauces we joined the farmers market circuit and have been slinging sauce since then. Every week I'll post about what we're up to and what's next. So join us on our sauce revolution!